Why Choose Us

You Receive the Following Guarantees

We handle your metal recycling needs

In the metal recycling business, customers seem to be primarily motivated by finding the highest price.

We give you a competitive price and guarantee exemplary customer service.

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Full-service center

We offer a full-service center to handle your metal recycling needs. Our processing facility, along with our knowledgeable, trained and dedicated staff, state-certified scales and metallurgical testing tools, enables Silver’s to provide a wide range of services.


Being family-owned and operated gives us flexibility to meet our customers’ needs in a personal and efficient manner.

Exemplary service

We value the relationships we develop with our clients, and we are known for our exemplary customer service and customer satisfaction.

Realistic pricing

Before we give you a price estimate, we’ll ask you what you are generating and what your volume needs are. We promise to give you realistic and factual information to help you make your decisions.

Competitive pricing

We’re willing to review other price estimates you have received and compare them to cost realities.

Quick turnaround

We offer a quick turnaround to respond to your requirements.

Prompt and effective

Your needs will be met in a prompt and effective fashion, because our central location in southeastern Michigan provides easy access to all major freeways and interstates.

High level of integrity

Our level of integrity is higher than you will typical find in this industry.